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Jambo Cards

There are so many incredible greeting card publishers in our community so I decided to create a Black greeting card shop. When you buy your next greeting card you think of us a black retailer rather than Clinton’s, Moonpig or Card factory.

Jonathan Stefanni-Machado

Treed CBD

Treed is on mission to help people take back control over their health & happiness, through hemp. Through understanding the science and histories that shaped our current attitudes towards the plant, we are on a journey to re-write attitudes towards health, reshape cultural stigmas, & empower those who have been misrepresented in recent years.


Small Chops UK

Small Chops UK provide bite sized afro- fused treats to customers, in the comfort of their homes. No need to go to wedding, party or church to enjoy the small chops. We bring this to you. But if you do wish to have a party or need good food at your event. We cater for this too.



Cycle Syncing helps you optimise your cyclical hormones for greater health, creativity, and productivity.



At Jiga we want to change the world by empowering people to gauge their personal impact on the environment and make lifestyle changes where they can or to offset that impact where not possible.

We want to enable people to be the change they want to see in the world.


Lit Lab Media Agency

Lit lab was birthed as a safe space in this media jungle of forgetfulness! We aim to arm our community with an actionable media marketing strategy in order to make the necessary changes!


The Black Wellbeing Collective

The Black Wellbeing Collective is a platform that aims to empower and equip the Black community with accessible talks, self care sessions, creative workshops and holistic practices in a mindful space to improve wellbeing, relaxation and connection. Our focus is to fulfil healing space for the Black community to improve the wellbeing of Black lives.


Island Light

 I made some coconut rum cream also known as Kremas to cheer me up, which is traditional rum cream native to Haiti. I shared the Kremas with my friends, classmates and coworkers and they loved it. Then it struck me that it was good idea for a business where I could share my culture with my new home.

Melika Boakye-Boateng

Boda Organics

Boda Organics is a global beauty brand based both in the UK and Ghana. At Boda we aim to remind people to turn back to natural, organic products as opposed to using chemicals on their skin, body and hair. We have done this by creating a range of products that are originated from Africa. 


Kunda Kids

Kunda Kids is an all-African content creation team made up of writers, illustrators, musicians and animators with a single purpose, to inspire the next generation of young people about ancient and modern African history and culture. We create high-quality books, songs and animations that are insightful, fun and engaging for children.

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